West Yellowstone Historic Walking Tour

Welcome to the digital guide to the West Yellowstone Historic Walking Tour. Designed to be easily navigable from a mobile device, the digital tour will guide you through many historic landmarks as you tour beautiful West Yellowstone.

In 1905, E. H. Harriman, president of the Union Pacific Railroad, made a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Accompanying Harriman was the president of Monida & Yellowstone Stage Line, Frank J. Haynes. After seeing Yellowstone by stagecoach, Harriman gave the word to start construction of the U.P. branch line from St. Anthony, Idaho to Yellowstone’s west entrance. By the end of November 1907, the final tracks were laid to the west boundary of the Park. In June 1908, the first train loaded with tourists arrived in what was to become our town of West Yellowstone.

Follow the Painted Bear Paw Trail to view informational plaques at each of the 21 historic locations. Follow the fire icons on the map to see how fires have transformed our town from its beginning to the present day. Follow the buffalo icons on the map to view several of the remaining Buffalo Roam painted buffaloes.

We acknowledge and appreciate the Yellowstone Historic Center and the U.S. Forest Service for their assistance with the historical aspects of this project and the use of photographs from their archives. We thank the participating historic site locations and the West Yellowstone MAP Fund for their assistance, photos and financial contributions.

Click on this link to access the digital guide and Relive the history of early West Yellowstone Then click on each tour site number to see historic details of that site.