Elementary, Middle & High Schools

Information Rich but Experience Poor


In today’s high tech and social media world, kids are information rich but experience poor. With easy access to the endless wonders of Yellowstone and unique bonus activities in West Yellowstone, the YSC has established a menu of opportunities and fee based support services to provide outstanding motivation to explore and create memorable outdoor life experiences for Elementary, Middle and High School teachers and students.

Get to know the YSC

Click the link to download a PDF of our YSC Facility Use and Support Services Program for Elementary, Middle and High School classes. Teachers can email them to their administrators and fellow teachers.

Page 11 of the PDF and the photos to the above right show our indoor camping rooms for use by everybody.

Just to the right of the PDF image are photos of our newly remodeled room area that can be used by professors, teachers, instructors, leaders, and chaperones only- NO STUDENTS OR YOUTHS. The area includes 4 twin beds, sitting areas, 2 desks, touch lamps with USB-C charging ports, a mini-fridge and microwave, and a restroom with toilet, sink, and shower.

Click to Download PDF

YSC Use Agreement for Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Click here to view or download our YSC Use Agreement for Elementary, Middle and High School classes. It details School User Info and our Services, Fees, Notes and Conduct Policy. Teachers will complete the Agreement to reserve dates for YSC use and choose services. Also, it can be emailed to administrators and peers.

Click to Download PDF Use Agreement

Current YSC Use Dates Calendar

Click here to check the current dates for which the YSC has been reserved by schools and educational and community organizations.

Contact Us

Our street address:
239 Firehole Ave. (corner of Hwy 20 and Electric St.)
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Our postal address:
YSC c/o YSCF PO Box 190
West Yellowstone, MT 59758

For more information:
John Greve ----------YSC's Manager --------- 406.580.1520 -- jmg533g@gmail.com
Clyde Seely ------- YSC's President -- 406.640.1700 -- clyde@threebearlodge.com